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Foster Application
Complete this form if you are interested in becoming a FieldHaven foster parent.
Please complete the following and click Save at the bottom.  Your information will be sent to FieldHaven's Foster Coordinator.
Full Name:
City/ State/ Zip Code:
How did you hear about FieldHaven?
Do you prefer to foster kittens or cats?
    Cats   Kittens   Either  
How many personal cats do you have?
If you have personal cats, do you have the ability in your home to keep your foster cats/kittens completely isolated and separate from your cats for the duration of the foster?
    Yes   No  
Do you have dogs?
    Yes   No  
If yes, how many? Have they been exposed to cats and kittens?
How would you describe your household?
    Quiet   Somewhat active   Very active  
Number of Children in your household?
    0   1   2   3   >3  
Would your fosters be alone for long periods (eg, 10 or more hours a day)?
    Yes   No  
Are you able to bring your fosters to FieldHaven on a regular basis for medical checkups and treatment?
    Yes   No  
What is your current availability for fostering?
Please complete the following section if you can foster kittens.  If you can only foster adult cats, please skip to the next section.
Are you able or would you want to bottle-feed newborn kittens?
    Yes   No   Maybe - I don't have experience but may be willing to learn  
Do you have the time (and desire) to socialize feral or semi-feral kittens?
    Yes   No   Maybe - I don't have experience but may be willing to learn  
If you are interested in fostering adults, special needs cats, or cats in need of long term hospice please select your interests from the list below.
    No special needs
   Needing socialization
   Needing daily meds
   Hospice (needing short or long-term end of life care)  
Do you have any questions, comments or other information you'd like to share?
FieldHaven Foster Policy
By checking the box below you agree to FieldHaven's foster policy that, while fostering FieldHaven kittens, you cannot foster for another organization or do any "independent" fostering.
    I Agree to FieldHaven's Foster Policy
   Please provide more information on this policy  
Thank You for Your Interest in Fostering for FieldHaven! A Foster Coordinator will contact you soon.
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